Disneyland, a place where dreams come true.  Or for us, a place to go eat whatever we wanted.  It started off, and still remains, as one of our favorite home state attractions.  Though it quickly became much more than that.  It became the catalyst to our endearing adventures.

You see, we started off so excited that our little minds could not wrap around anything but the sweet smell of churros and corn dogs that Disneyland has to offer.  We went on all the rides and even the tram trip from the parking lot made our hearts beat a little bit faster.  It was us against time, trying to take in all the park had to offer . But it became much more than sore throats and full stomachs the longer we visited.

     This is where the magic really hit us…

     We started thinking that our lovely home state is a place many people dream of visiting.  How silly would it be if someone walked into your home and said, “Hey buddy, can you show me your kitchen?” and you didn’t know where it was.  That would be crazy!  Yet that’s how it felt to us, we didn’t want to be like that.  We would love to engage people in conversations about the wonders that California has to offer.  If you wanted a place to eat, would we recommend Denny’s or Ihop?  Of course we would! cause we love to eat there.  But we could also tell you about our favorite breakfast local diner that serves food so large and in charge they call one of the plates american toast.  Maybe you wanted to see the stars everyone talks about in Hollywood.  Guess what, they look even better from Joshua tree national park!  But we could always see the other stars as well, though they don’t light us up as much.  We’re full of cheesy puns so get used to that.

     So that’s the start of backyard explorers, we’re just trying to find what our home has to offer.  If we gain one hundred pounds from trying dozens of donut shops or latest deep fried craze, so be it. We do so with a smile and patiently await the next adventure.  

Welcome to our blog where we hope to motivate, inspire and perhaps make you a little hungry for good food, beautiful views and fun-filled adventures.

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